Snore Stones


Natural Italian lava rock infused for many days in a complex blend of 9 natural essential oils, selected specifically to combat the age old problem of snoring and deliver a restful, restorative night’s sleep. The unique combination is designed to maintain clarity across the entire sinus area, ensuring you remain clear of congestion and breathe freely and correctly throughout the night. It also relaxes you into those deep sleep levels where your body repairs often denied by the inclination to snore.  Trialled on the public prior to launch, results showed a extraordinary success rate in overcoming this huge problem for both snorer and “snoree” by providing peaceful uninterrupted slumber all night long.

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How To Use

Simply place the jar near the pillow of the snorer and open half an hour before bedtime to establish the aroma in the room. Breathe in the astringent and relaxing aromas all night long replacing the lid on waking, job done! Can also be used as an inhalant direct from the jar to assist with sinus issues or help alleviate cough and cold symptoms.


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