Smart Floating Moon Lamp


We all love looking at the moon, but we know how difficult it is to photograph it. That’s why the Gingko Moon Lamp makes a worthy addition to any space. Dim the lights and switch the  Smart Moon Lamp on, and it quite literally looks like you’ve got a super-moon inside your home. With this extraordinary levitating Smart Moon Lamp from Gingko, you could light up your whole world.

This gravity-defying moon lamp seems to magically ‘float’ above a walnut base and slowly rotates just like the real elliptical orbiting moon. Made with safe PLA material, this 3D-printed full moon even has a textured surface just like the moon’s own craters and glows an ethereal-like light as it emits its cool white light. Suspended by a strong built-in magnet it creates a fascinating and like-like illusion of the real thing.

This amazing levitating Smart Moon Lamp reflects a design ethos of making everyday objects smart and fascinating in living.

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  1. Product Material: walnut /white ash wood base with PLA 3D printed moon

  2. Size of wood base: 120x120x30 mm
  3. Moon Diameter size: 140mm
  4. Moon light colour temperature: 2700k-5000k (depending on which light mode, total 3 light modes)
  5. 3 light mode: warm white (3500k), white (5000k) and yellow warm (2700k)
  6. Product weight: 800g
  7. Power input: 12V- 1A AD adapter (included)
  8. Packed in a premium gift box


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