Sterling Silver Jewellery

Introducing the Opalique collection. Sterling Silver combined with mesmerising shards of Opal, to form Opalique. Each gem is formed by binding together small shards of Opal. Beautifully packaged, they make a truly lovely gift at an affordable price point.

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  • Opalique Feather Stud

  • Opalique Pegasus Flying Horse Stud

  • Opalique Pony Head Stud

  • Opalique Round Claw Set Stud 3mm

  • Opalique Sitting Cat Stud

  • Opalique Butterfly Stud Blue

  • Opalique Butterfly Stud White

  • Opalique Cut Out Circle Drop Earrings Blue

  • Opalique Cut out Heart Drop Earring Blue

  • Opalique Cut out Heart Earrings White

  • Opalique Cute Oval Stud White

  • Opalique Heart Stud Blue

  • Silver Stud Cupid/Bow in Box